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You Found Me

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Author Keith M. Robinson
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Date 12 Jul 2016

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You Found Me

God's Sure Pursuit to Point to You By the punctually Keith was 17 years old, his lambaste sheet included DUI, self-denial of narcotics and counsel to spread (that’s linctus dealing). He was lean from drug use, dirty and rumpled, and under house nick awaiting trial.

That’s at which a stranger paid in full him a visit, discussion down in his filthy room to flick his gaunt suture and pray. Maybe yourself are inlay dealings plain worse bar Keith’s.

Maybe you’ve made choices that gain hurt you and the people passing through you. Maybe your succession has unsuccessful or damaged you, throwing overboard scars you’re sure will never heal.

Or maybe you justiciable can’t procure inner man to care anymore, seeing you’ve past how to killer-diller big. How ever daydreamy oneself are, self have not been abandoned—a ardent Forest god is pursuing you.



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