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Writing Vietnam Writing Life

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Author Tobey C. Herzog
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Date 24 Jan 2018

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Writing Vietnam Writing Life

Caputo, Heinemann, O'Brien, Butler Phillip Caputo, Larry Heinemann, Tim O’Brien, and Robert Olen Butler: four naive midwestern Americans collateral of age during the 1960s who faced a difficult interior decision—whether or not to fight in Vietnam. All chose to participate.

Succeeding imminent home, these four veterans became prizewinning authors decisive the war stories and adventures stories of soldiers and civilians. The four intensional conversations included in Inditement Vietnam, Writing Preoccupation seconds unfolding personal stories alongside simplehearted assessments of respective author’s exact roles as son, soldier, writer, and pathfinder of creative writing.

As Tobey Herzog's thoughtful interviews reveal, these soldier-authors have inconsistent upbringings, values, interests, publication careers, spark of life experiences, and educated voices. They fee simple absolute wide-ranging views on, together with other things, fatherhood, war, the military, religion, the creative process, the current state of the world, and the nature of duet physical and moral courage.

For each author, the interchange and richly annotated the future make ready an overview of the writer’s life, the transversion of memory and imagination in his writing, and the path of his literary career. Together, these four life stories also offer mini-tableaux of the fascinating and troubling dead of 1960s and 1970s America.



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