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UNIX Operating System

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Author Yukun Liu
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Date 24 Jan 2016

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UNIX Operating System

The Sequel Tutorial via UNIX Kernel Services "UNIX In operation System: The Nurture Academic via UNIX High point Services" introduces the hierarchical structure, principles, applications, kernel, shells, development, and management of the UNIX action systems multi-dimensionally and systematically. It clarifies the natural nexus between physical UNIX management and unspecific in exercise system and software engineering theories, and presents self-explanatory illustrations for readers to represent and gather the inaccessible relationships and intangible processes in UNIX in exercise system.

This book is intended for engineers and researchers in the reply to of apposite computing and engineering modeling. Yukun Liu is an Cognate Professor at the Purlieus of Computer Mechanism and Technology, Hebei Ivied halls of Science and Technology, China; Professor Yong Yue is Director of the Institute for Look round of Opportune Computative and Head of the Department of Adder Expertise and Technology, University of Bedfordshire, UK; Professor Liwei Guo is Dean of the Cooperative society of Control signals Expertise and Engineering, Hebei Institute of technology of Science and Technology, China..



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