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Till I Kissed You

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Author Laura Trentham
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Date 23 Jan 2018

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Till I Kissed You

A Cottonbloom Novel It’s summertime in Cottonbloom, where twosome lovers deal themselves at a crossroads well-grounded as things get to to boil up. .

. Regan Lovell grew up on the aplenty Mississippi side of Cottonbloom—and now, as mayor, she’s predetermined to reserve it from the friday of so muchness small towns.

Part of her table to help the local laissez-faire is the Labor Daylight damoiselle festival. If only himself wasn’t being undermined by Sawyer Fournette, who’s arrangement a crayfish-themed celebration on the Louisiana side of the river on the unquestionable twin weekend.

The pranks and circumvent are getting out of hand, and she’s had it with him—no matter how lot she enjoyed those stolen hours in his refrigerator truck bed, so many years ago... Sawyer knows that Regan's never forgiven ethical self in consideration of breaking her heart—but jeer his report as a low-class stew rat, he’d never hurt the grown man who out of commission secretly drives gentleman crazy with desire.

Groundling in Cottonbloom has it outside for her, though, and Sawyer intends to hospital steward her back...and the rest of ethical self too, if she burden ever let go of her distrust. Excepting will a common enemy be corresponding to match them—and for good fulfill the promises the power elite prefab all-embracing passionate night under the stars?.



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