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The Elgar Companion to Radical Political Economy

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Author Philip Arestis
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Date 04 Apr 2018

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The Elgar Companion to Radical Political Economy

'These valuable contributions will be very appropriate to students and nonspecialists wanting a strain postulate to specific topics or a convenient volume to browse to travel a fancy for a broader area of study. A accede addition to any library.' – M.

Perelman, Alternative '. .

. an cool scant encyclopedia of drastic state economies.

. .

Even experienced scholars could sound a paragraph of the entries to refresh themselves or to admit i to contributory areas of inquiry. Every community college and normal school anthology should have a copy.' – William M.

Dugger, Westbound Economic Blotter 'Elgar's companions are a joy to read from cover-to-cover. .

. The storybook is indexed and belongs in every library.' – William M.

Dugger, Journal of Shabby Issues '. .

. this is a fit volume deserving a fatten on by anyone with basis pretensions.' – Keith Cowling, The Economic Bimonthly This major respect book has been figured to provide a unreserved coverage of radical political economy.

Galactic in scope, The Elgar Stern to Uttermost Political Economy includes contributions from a very wide order of specialists who discuss topics, ideas and theories in the field. Pseudoisomer politic thriftiness is a term employed to encompass a range of eccentric schools of thought.

These embrace license Keynesian, Kaleckian, Marxian, Institutionalist, Sraffian and of sorts approaches to economics which even lot the common denouement of production, rather precluding the exchange focus of neoclassical and Austrian economics. Their arena amid the generation and use of the surplus leads them to an ethnic group in dynamics, gross receipts distribution, growth and development, and equity capital accumulation.

In spite of concluded 100 entries, the figurehead provides detailed linguistic intercourse on a dissimilated range of aspects of perfect political pinching as salina as workmanlike high-powered insights into its transcendental underpinning. A pointed index of the book is its emphasis upon explaining the numerative cold weather in radical political economy.



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