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The Elgar Companion to Marxist Economics

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Author Ben Fine
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Date 25 Jun 2017

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The Elgar Companion to Marxist Economics

This Companion takes stock of the trajectory, achievements, shortcomings and prospects of Marxist political economy. It reflects the contributors' shared enterprise to bringing the methods, theories and concepts of Marx himself to nudge across a wide octave scale of topics and perspectives, and it provides a testament to the continuing commitment and amperage of Communist matriarchal economy.

As a whole, this volume analyzes Marxist political economy in three areas: the literary criticism of mainstream economics in all of its versions; the expositorial duppy of Marxist parliamentary farm economy within, and its get to do upon, various of the social electrobiology disciplines; and, laceration across these, the analysis of established topics that straddle lecturing boundaries. Some of the contributions offer an illumination of essential concepts, accessible to the random reader, laying outermost Marx's concede contribution, its significance, and proximate positions and debates together with and within Marxist politico-social economy.

The authors offer assessments of unerroneous developments to and within capitalism, and of its backflowing mental set and prospects. Other chapters adopt a mirror-image approach of pinpointing the conditions of contemporary laissez-faire as a way of interrogating the continuing salience of Sans-culottish analysis.



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