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Sex, Power and Nation

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Date 08 Sep 2008

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Sex, Power and Nation

Sex, Power and Nation, brings together for the first time Julia Suryakusuma's essays spanning 24 years of writing, applying her analysis to Suharto's regime and that of Indonesia's fledgling democratic politicians.

Divided into three parts: "Building a New Nation?", "Sex and Power", and "Literature: Exploration and Boundaries" the book explores the characteristics, hypocrisy, sex manipulations of the New Order regime in the great nation through the eyes of a feminist intellectual.

"Julia uses sexuality as a tool of analysis and to show the ills of state power, perhaps the first and only one to do so in such a fascinating, interdisciplinary manner. Published at the juncture of historical and contemporary concerns, the anthology is enlightening, serious, intelligent and inspiring reading, mapping political events with sociological, psychological and cultural insight as well as economic backlashes." - The Jakarta Post -

"Persoalan yang dihadapi Indonesia, pengalaman dalam keseharian dan pemikiran-pemikiran dari seluruh dunia terus berdialog secara intensif dalam diri Julia.

Dialog-dialog dan usaha mempertemukan berbagai pertentangan yang tidak pada tempatnya, itulah ciri menonjol dari diri Julia yang terbaca dalam Sex, Power and Nation." - Bagus Takwin, Dosen Fakultas Psikologi, Universitas Indonesia -

"Julia breaks through the mediocrity and cowardice of Indonesia’s political and literary scenes by daring to utter unvarnished truths others cannot even discern. Her articles penetrate the depths of Indonesian society as few insiders know it and less than few outsiders catch glimmers of.

Her insights constantly surprise and persuade us. They are timeless gifts even to the most jaded audience." - John A.

MacDougall, Editor, Indonesia Publications -

"These writings reveal Julia’s innovative approach in observing the dynamic social and political condition in which we live. As an intellectual, writer, and feminist activist, Julia certainly stands out in her fearless critical reflection." - Saparinah Sadli, Professor of Psychology, University of Indonesia -

"Julia’s book is the embodiment of the feminist motto, ‘the personal is the political’ which has been her rallying call all her adult life, both professionally and in her private life." - Debra Yatim, writer, Director of Komseni (Communication for the Arts) -

"Julia Suryakusuma is unafraid of boundaries.

As this fascinating collection of writings shows, she is as brave as she is perceptive. Julia’s is a rare voice in Indonesian society – challenging conventional wisdom and provoking an oppressive status quo that dares not look itself in the mirror." - Jeffrey Winters, Professor of Political Economy, Nortwestern University, Chicago -

"Julia Suryakusuma’s writings reveal a rich and complex Indonesia.



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