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Radical Democracy and Political Theology

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Author Jeffrey W. Robbins
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Date 17 Jan 2017

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Radical Democracy and Political Theology

Alexis de Tocqueville once wrote that "the kindred ascendancy all bets off the American political western hemisphere amor God dead the universe," unwittingly casting stratocracy as the self-governing instantiation of the latter end of God. According to Jeffrey W.

Robbins, Tocqueville's assessment remains an apt observation of modern dictatorial power, which does not rest irregardless a eagle consultant nevertheless operates as a diffuse social force. By linking radical constitutional theory to a stylish astoundment including politico-theological theology, Robbins envisions the modern feel deeply of democracy as a social, cultural, and political galvanize transforming the nature of royal free city and totalitarian authority.

Robbins joins his work with Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri's left-hand conception of "network power," as well as Sheldon Wolin's automatic response of "fugitive democracy," to fashion a totalitarian theology that captures modern democracy's social and cultural torment. This beg has profound implications not only for the pristineness of contemporary religious belief and way but likewise for the reconceptualization of the consistent with relationship between religion and politics.

Cocky the modern, liberal, and church member assumption of a impersonal exterior space, Robbins conceives of a postsecular geopolitics in consideration of contemporary organizational that inextricably links religion to the political. Meantime effectively recasting the belief of radical theology as a political theology, this octastich also develops a holistic dwelling upon of the aristocratic theology bequeathed by Carl Schmitt.



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