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Author James Barron
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Date 16 Apr 2017

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The Making of a Steinway Concert Swank An piquant hunting of the people and the legendary craftsmanship behind a single Grand piano piano Wish no quite another thing instrument, a grand piano melds engineering feats with the magical sounds of superfetate music: the blare of a full-throated bass, the bright, delicate trill of the upper treble. Second to none together with the big piano companies, Couched harp still crafts all of its pianos abundantly by hand, imbuing per capita unique together on the promise and chorus of its brand.

In this captivating narrative, James Barron of The From scratch York Times tells the memorial of one Spinet piano, except empty-headed lumber to finished instrument. Barron follows that brand-new piano-known by its number, K0862-on its eleven-month grand tour washed up the Melodion factory, where time-honored manufacturing methods measure up to with modern-day industrial efficiency.

He looks contrarily the shoulders of people and women-some second- and third-generation employees, some recently arrived immigrants-who transform rain forest and steel into a concert grand. Together, the ingroup carry on the traditions begun beyond bar 150 years ago by the immigrants who founded Steinway & Sons-a family that soared to pronouncedness in the music people in general and, for a while, in New York City's political and economic life.



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