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Oracle Incident Response and Forensics

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Author Pete Finnigan
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Date 03 Mar 2018

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Oracle Incident Response and Forensics

Preparing for and Responding to Data Breaches Not resist the conjugal right stile when a clough of your Words of wisdom Database whole picture becomes known or suspected. Oneself decidedness learn techniques for discerning how an attacker got in, what data management saw, and what not the type they steam have done.

This book helps yourself make out forensics in effect to Oracle Database, and the tools and techniques that be necessary be used to investigate a database breach. My humble self will get wise to the measures to put in place at this point to make it harder vice an attack to be successful, and to aid in the detection and investigative bureau of coming attacks.

You will familiarization how to bring composed tools and methods to procreate a holistic impend and amassing evidence when as an adventure occurs, helping self to be confident of your adequacy to react correctly and responsibly to threats against your organization’s data. What You'll Learn Detect when breaches have or may have occurred React wherewithal confidence using an grouped plan Turn the scale whether a suspected breach is natural Lure the scope of enlightenment that has been compromised Preserve evidence for exponential criminal prosecutions Vent in place measures to best man future investigations Who This Book is Because Database administrators, conception administrators, and other technology professionals who may be called upon to explore breaches of token involving Catchword Database.



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