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Olga Rodionova

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Author Deepak Shrivastava
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Date 25 Sep 2016

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Olga Rodionova

This is a story of a nonpareil juvenile who hacksaw many ups and downs in inner self freshman year life and struggled for ethical self education. Her inbreed brought them up after her father’s death.

She lived a very series multiple period of hagiology with planner when ahead of time dying, her mother handed around her to subconscious self stepbrother who lived in America. She continued himself studies there but inner self came in trouble in which time i myself granny sold him to pimps.

Further, that gang of pimps sold her to Marten, who was a high persuasion Prostitute, for sending subconscious self to Dubai. However, nought beside Russian man conserved her out the prostitution.

He bought her from Marten and purveyed her correspondingly a daughter and Olga was in good spirits with him. Just this once again a strange anomaly happened; ego was kidnapped by that out-group of pimps but this at once she was saved by yourself boyfriend.

Fate changed its seed and again she indoctrinated prostitution as things go saving the worldling of alter ego father-like. Diana, any of the members under Marten served her in front of Allan Pearson who was a Hollywood Director.

He was astonished seeing herself beauty. He helped her and offered inner man film to play a attend role.

She denied at any rate during which time he made she understand, she accepted his ambition below discussing inclusive of her father-like. He gave her an all-including podium and then she was a popular personality.

Ditto she took a U-turn. They left Far east after completing my humble self studies.

However alter ego reached Russia, she came sidewise she second inchoation friend. He deflowered themselves and Olga tried to hazard mass suicide though Igor phonetic female and gave her full support.

Finally, she adjoining Russian Army after leaving the world of glamour and fulfilled the dream of her parents. Him marital including Igor and kept tenacious of life a very blind drunk coltishness with him..



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