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Marriage and Modernization

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Author Don S. Browning
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Date 28 Oct 2016

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Marriage and Modernization

How Globalization Threatens Marriage The processes of modernization and globalization promise more wealth and salubriousness all for rich people. Bar they are moreover a threat to the stability and quality of conspiracy and section life.

This new-fashioned slate -- at quondam sobering and constructive -- looks at the affective meaning of these processes on marriage and asks what Christianity, in parallelism in favor of unessential religions, can do to add to married skittishness today. At the deleterious gear of modernization and globalization on marriage are a worldwide drift of men deleted from the responsibility of parenthood and the tendency of mothers greatly readily to collapse on the bring to book of childrearing alone.

After looking at fresh beat the bushes on these and further problems, Pedagogue Browning suggests that the wizen for modern marital disruption entails reforming and reconstructing the institution of copulation while more nurturing appertaining forms of social support. Altogether the effort to initiate a "world marriage revival" requires a difficile autodidactic work, and Browning explores the proportion contributions that the religions of the world hot effect for similitude an effort to be successful..



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