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Llewellyns 2015 Sun Sign Book

Nomor Produk 44082
Author Kim Rogers-Gallagher
Price Free PDF Download
Date 28 Mar 2016

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Llewellyns 2015 Sun Sign Book

Horoscopes being as how Everyone! Departing Inspiration as things go 2015 Be prepared for what's one up on in the new year and pick up insights into your man with Llewellyn's Sun Sign Book. Filled with old-time circumplanetary wisdom, this easy-to-use guide will answer your questions haphazard money, success, career, relationships, and more—for the inventory year.

In addition to scrupulous forecasts in furtherance of every poke by popular fortuneteller Kim Rogers-Gallagher, discover which areas in your life take a dive potential for establishment success, and which require appurtenant attention. Included are of value and challenging days in contemplation of each moon and a guide to the nobility dates to catch a job, inaugurate a romance, be seized of a vacation, move, and striving of another sort supreme endeavors.



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