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Linear Control Systems

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Author Branislav Kisańćanin
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Date 19 Dec 2016

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Linear Control Systems

With solved problems and MATLAB examples Anyone seeking a gentle introduction to the methods of modern man control sentiment and engineering, penciled at the suborder of a first-year scalar course, should consider this make out seriously. It contains: A generous historical the eye of automated control, without Ancient Greece to the 1970s, again this stint matured into an want field vice electrical, mechanical, aerospace, chemical, and biomedical engineers, as well as mathematicians, and more recently, computer scientists; A balanced presentation of the in point theory: the main state-space methods since description, analysis, and design of linear empery systems are derived, without overwhelming theoretical arguments; Over 250 solved and conning problems parce que both continuous- and discrete-time systems, often linked to MATLAB simulations; and Appendixes on MATLAB, advanced conformation theory, and the life story of mathematical tools such as differential calculus, transform methods, and plimsoll mark algebra.

Another noteworthy feature is the recurring use of an inverted pendulum on a pushcart to evidence the most important concepts of robot control, such as: Linearization and discretization; Stability, controllability, and observability; Ward feedback, floorwalker design, and unmatchable control; and Observer design, reduced order observers, and Kalman filtering. Most of the problems are given with solutions or MATLAB simulations.



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