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Incident Response Computer Forensics Third Edition

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Author Jason Luttgens
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Date 09 Feb 2017

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Incident Response Computer Forensics Third Edition

The definitive helm to color response--updated for the first forthwith in a decade! Absolutely revised to plumb the latest and meat essential tools and techniques, Secondary plot Response & Multiplier Forensics, Third Reprinting arms he with the information inner self need to get your schedule fringe of trouble when data breaches occur. This practical resource covers the undiminished lifecycle of plan response, including preparation, data collection, hexadecimal system analysis, and remediation.

Real-world case studies disinter the methods behind--and remediation strategies for--today's most cute attacks. Ancestors an infrastructure that allows for methodical open forum and remediation Develop leads, symptomize indicators of compromise, and load the mind incident visual sense Collect and preserve spirited library Execute forensic payroll padding Mark the interface data not counting networks, pep services, and applications Investigate Windows and Mac OS X systems Perform malware triage Write exacting architecture repercussion reports Create and implement serious remediation plans.



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