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Handbook of Digital Forensics and Investigation

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Author Eoghan Casey
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Date 09 Apr 2016

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Handbook of Digital Forensics and Investigation

The Handbook of Digital Forensics and Forum builds on the success of the Catalog of Computer Misdeed Investigation, bringing together popular experts in utmost areas of figural forensics and logical discussion to provide the consummate resource all for practitioners in the field. It is also figured as an accompanying piano score to Digital Evidence and Computer Crime, now in its third edition, providing advanced atom from specialists in one by one area of Digital Forensics.

This unbeatable data impression how to conduct irrational investigations in both unrighteous and civil contexts, and how to locate and utilize digital evidence on computers, networks, and embedded systems. Specifically, the Investigative Process section of the Handbook provides expert care in the three biggest areas of practice: Forensic Analysis, Electronic Buried treasure and Trespass Investigation.

The Arena enclave is bloated and updated to reflect the state of the art in each gauge of specialization. The utter areas of concourse in the Technology section are forensic comment of Windows, Unix, Macintosh, and embedded systems (including cellular telephones and peculiar mobile devices), and investigations involving networks (including disposition environments and transitional telecommunications technology).

The Handbook of Digital Forensics and Exhaustive study is an essential technical reference and on-the-job decide that IT professionals, forensic practitioners, law enforcement, and attorneys will bet on on upon which confronted with computer related crime and even evidence of any kind. *Provides methodologies proven in demeanor with conducting fanged investigations of all kinds *Demonstrates how to locate and interpret a wide divergence of digital evidence, and how it can be useful in investigations *Presents tools in the environment of the investigative process, including EnCase, FTK, ProDiscover, foremost, XACT, Network Miner, Splunk, flow-tools, and many adjunct specialized utilities and analysis platforms *Case examples in every chapter fork out readers a unsentimental understanding of the technical, logistical, and legal challenges that arise in whole number investigations.



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