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Global Marketing Management

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Author Warren J. Keegan
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Date 15 May 2017

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Global Marketing Management

This leading book in international marketing research features comprehensive cases that cover consumer, industrial, low tech and high tech, product and services marketing. Specific affiliate topics examine the globelike economic environment; the supranational and cultural environment; the political, legal, and hegemonistic environments; unmistakable customers; global merchandising plaint systems and research; bulbous targeting, segmenting and positioning; import and expansion strategies: marketing and sourcing; intermeshing and global wary partnerships; competitive analysis and strategy; offshoot decisions; pricing decisions; channels and physical distribution; global advertising; promotion: personal selling, urban relations, sales promotion, direct marketing, give-and-take shows, sponsorship; global e-marketing; planning, leading, organizing, and mixing the country-wide marketing effort; and the future of global marketing.



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