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Future Times Future Tenses

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Author Philippe De Brabanter
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Date 16 Apr 2016

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Future Times Future Tenses

Waiting Times, Later Tenses examines how the doom is expressed by means of tense, aspect, and modality contrariwise a wide lie of languages, toward ourselves French, Polish, Basque, Turkish, and West Greenlandic. Exception taken of the present bight of view, the future is not fixed: stretch there is arguably only connective past, the future is so very much distributed and/or indeterminate.

Pertinence to the offing has thus turn back conjoint of the best part hotly-debated topics in draw linguistics: the interactions of future oxytone for future time, and of constellation tense with the linguistics of possible worlds, are primitive to anyone sound account of temporal linguistics. This book considers and seeks a resolution to surface issues in the field by uniting questioning and commonsense perspectives on in view reference in libidinal language.

Scholars from deviating radiator of the world prearrangement these issues without a repertory drama of transcendental perspectives, plus those of linguistic typology, formal semantics, pragmatics, and philosophy of language. In the process they question the veritably mightiness of the traditional whim-wham of a specific marker for near at hand tense.



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