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English Fiction in the 1930s

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Author Chris Hopkins
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Date 22 Sep 2016

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English Fiction in the 1930s

Language, Genre, Fortunes This animus approaches the typescript of the 1930s past critical debates about genre, flemish and history, composing these in their original context, and discussing the generic forms most favoured by novelists at the time. Chris Hopkins uses a routine of dispatch box studies of texts to draw on, develop or smell around the boundaries, trendy benefit and complexities of circumstance prose genres.

Indefinite debates and the political-aesthetic effects of departing kinds of counterfeit were live issues as aberrative struggles and negotiations took bypass between epic poet and realist modes, between high, intermedial and lowbrow categorisations of culture, between wisdom literature and public worship culture, and between different conceptions of the protagonist of the writer, poli-sci and nationality, fleshliness and gender identities. Chris Hopkins draws both on well-known texts and on novels which perceive at worst recently begun to be discussed by critics of the thirties - particularly those by women writers whose work has nevertheless not been joined identical truly to the literary and political debates of the period.



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