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Design and Implementation of the MTX Operating System

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Author K.C. Wang
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Date 24 Jan 2016

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Design and Implementation of the MTX Operating System

This course-tested textbook describes the guidelines and implementation of functioning systems, and applies it to the MTX operating system, a Unix-like setup charted against Intel x86 based PCs. Written in an evolutional style, unproven and working aspects of operating systems are presented as the craft and implementation of a occupy operating system is demonstrated.

Every whit the text, complete wellspring code and acting sample systems are down the drain to breathe the techniques discussed. The book contains disjoined new materials on the grotesque and use of parallel algorithms in SMP.

Complete coverage on booting an in the works system is included, as well as, extending the make ready model to implement threads autograph in the MTX kernel, an init program for system startup and a sh program all for executing user commands. Intended now technically oriented operating systems courses that emphasize couple theory and practice, the itemize is and suitable for self-study..



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