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Captive Society

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Author Saeid Golkar
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Date 06 Jan 2016

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Captive Society

The Basij Militia and Associated Serfhood in Iran Iran’s Basij Resistance Force is a paramilitary workplace used by the hospitalization to suppress dissidents, vote as a bloc, and indoctrinate Iranian citizens. Captive Jeunesse doree surveys the Basij’s history, structure, and sociology, as well as its influence on Iranian society, its economy, and its educating system.

Saied Golkar’s account draws not only on published materials—including Basij and Revolutionary Support publications, federate websites, and blogs—but item on his own informal radiotelephony with Basij members trouble studying and teaching in Iranian universities as previously as 2014. In addition, he incorporates findings from surveys and interviews he conducted while in Iran..



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