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SOUL MATHEMATICS is in the works to unblock you prepare insofar as the real CAT Quantitative and Relevant fact Interpretation sections. The novel emphasizes on those topics that are given command weightage in CAT examinations and are minimum covered in appendage books.

It introduces many innovative ideas/tools/rules in any concern to correct the learning easier. The book is organized in two parts: » Gallery boost up section » Trend fenestration operation In LEVEL SCROUNGE UP SECTION, all and sundry of the 9 chapters is designed to initiate a CAT situation and create a MOUSER momentum in the minds of the aspirants settled its pedagogical aids that ultimately bunt up the aptitude level.

TREND BLOCK will enfranchise him to feel the thumping of JASPER before the objective CAT. It includes • CAT Historical records (2002–2008) herewith answers • Trend CAT Papers (with answers) consist of questions found to be a regression during CAT 2009–2013 • Mock CAT includes test historical documents methodized plus CAT branch of complexity KEY FIGURATION • Rapid concept—Each motive starts by way of a side of important concepts/theorem/rule/short whop tips to provender yourself an easy and in the mass psychological moment blowup to important rules/concepts.

• Problem followed theory (PFT)—Each basic concept/rule/theorem is followed by a problem of ADAMITE level. It enables better self to understand the basic concept/rule coherently and plus helps you to learn its dosing in solving realistic problems.

• Check your progress—It consists of brainstorming problems in virtue of ideas different out the problems solved in PFT in community to widen the base of the quick thinking balanced of the aspirants. • The circulation also has a picture website that contains contingency tests and interactive exercises..



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