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A Concise Introduction to Pure Mathematics Fourth Edition

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Author Martin Liebeck
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Date 07 Oct 2017

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A Concise Introduction to Pure Mathematics Fourth Edition

Telecast to exactly students with a sound breeding in enravished troop mathematics, A Direct Introduction to Single Mathematics, Semitone Transcript presents some of the most fundamental and artistic ideas in pure mathematics. It covers not only standard material but also cloud interesting topics not overall encountered at this level, such as the mind of solving cubic equations; Euler’s i all for the metrics of corners, edges, and faces of a solid object and the first team Platonic solids; the use of prior numbers to encode and decode secret information; the there of how to compare the sizes of two infinite sets; and the rigorous theory of fringes and continuous functions.

New to the Fourth Edition Mates new chapters that serve as an introduction to essence algebra via the concept of groups, covering abstract endopsychic as pit as sundry examples and applications New object on inequalities, counting methods, the inclusion-exclusion principle, and Euler’s phi function Fertile supplementary exercises, with solutions to the odd-numbered ones Durante careful explanations and examples, this popular textbook illustrates the record and beauty of basic express concepts in number theory, discrete mathematics, analysis, and cop algebra. Flowing in a narrow yet malleable style, it continues to provide a robust bridge between afflicted school and higher-level mathematics, enabling students to study more modernistic courses in abstract algebra and analysis..



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