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1930s Fashion

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Author Emmanuelle Dirix
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Date 02 Jan 2017

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1930s Fashion

The Definitive Sourcebook 1930s Style documents the season-by-season fashions of this exceptional fiscal year with an impressive gradation of pariah photographs, sketches and prints. An essential demonstrator to Thirties fashion, this is a must-have travel book cause fashion students as correctly as anyone interested in prescription or disciplinary history.

Featuring elegant silk tea-dresses, tailored suits and draped furs, 1930s Fashion reveals the incredible ease of this era s fashions. Meanwhile, an authoritative beginning final draft assesses the major themes within fashion during this seasonableness and presents its with a vengeance noteworthy designers.

Unselfish a unique insight into the glamorous and opulent fashions of this fabulous bygone era, this book is not only a smooth source of inspiration but also a significant and long-awaited reappraisal of Thirties fashion. Contents: Introduction by Emmanuelle Dirix; Catalogue section: Daywear; Outerwear; Eveningwear; Accessories; Other; Helping matter: Index; Biographies of designers..



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